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TUI is dedicated to student support and is ready to provide immediate assistance to all students. The purpose of this site is support to many different types of computer users. Whether you are advanced or just a beginner computer user, the Trident support team is ready to assist you.

We urge all new students to make good use of their online student tutorial, and the keys to success. Take a few moments to look over the valuable information provided.

Welcome to Trident University Student Orientation

Here's how to get started quickly and effectively:
  • Read through Getting Started
    Go to this link for a simple over view of how the Trident teaching method works, how each course is structured, and what you are expected to do in each course.

  • MyTLC Portal
    Go to https://mytlc.trident.edu to view the Portal and to watch the online orientation

Click here for the Student Orientation Page.

Note: MYTLC Portal is the primary login to access your TLC Course material.

Please make sure to bookmark MyTLC Portal at https://mytlc.trident.edu/

Password Help

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TUI E-Mail

TUI provides an online version to your TUI e-mail account, also known as, Outlook Web Access (OWA). Links can be found within your online courses. You can also set up your e-mail account using e-mail client software. We have provided detailed instructions on how to use both OWA and outlook below.

>> Outlook Web Access (OWA) tutorial

Online Library

Trident offers a wide-range of virtual libraries that are accessed through the "Library Portal". To understand how to research the material provided within these databases, please click on the following important link:

>> Online Library tutorial

IMPORTANT - To gain access to the databases within the Library Portal you must first login to CourseNet. If you do not have your login, please use the following link to set or reset your login credentials: https://mytlc.trident.edu/index.php?page=forgotpass.

PROXY: Check if you are using a Proxy. This will vary depending on browser you are using. A proxy is a server that sits between you and the Internet. It receives all client requests to the Internet, fulfills the request itself, and then sends the information to the client. When creating network connections, you may need to configure a proxy in order to gain access to the Internet or other external servers. You should enable proxy settings only when using a proxy is required. If you enable proxy settings and a proxy is not required, you won’t be able to use the related connection to access the Internet or resources on your network. How to Configure Proxy Settings in Windows 7:http://answers.oreilly.com/topic/675-how-to-configure-proxy-settings-in-windows-7/

Minimal System Requirements for Students Getting Started

The System ensures that your browser is properly configured to use the system

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