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How do I attend an online Collaborate meeting?

I do not click on the Session Link in an email invitation or I do not receive an invitation?

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Log in directly to TLC Portal. Find your course name (ex. Eng101):

  1. Click on Communication drop down
  2. Click on Online Rooms link
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You may see one or more online rooms / live sessions.

Click on Join to enter the classroom you need to attend:

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You may see an alert on the bottom of your browser notifying you that a pop-up has been blocked.

If it happens then do the following to prevent it from happening again in future sessions:

  1. Click on Options for this Site button
  2. Click Always allow
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After clicking on Join the online meeting, a box stating Verifying application may appear, which indicates downloading is in progress.

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A box stating  Do you want to run this application?

If request appears, select yes, click on Run to enter the classroom.

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You have now successfully logged into the Online Meeting Room / the live session.

You will notice the name of the session listed at the top of the screen (please see example below).

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