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How do I remove or prevent popup blockers and/or add Trident as a safe site?

You or Your IT Administrator may need to add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site.
This change allows pop-ups for Trident sites only; while blocking pop-ups for all other sites.You can turn most pop-up blockers on and off at any time.

Note: This symbol * acts as a wild card to represent all Trident websites.

Note: If the browser you are using is not listed below, please do an Internet search on “how to remove pop-up blockers and/or add Trident as a safe site” for your specific internet browser.

Internet Explorer:IE Edge Browser

1. Click on Tools
2. Click on Pop-up blocker and select Pop-up Blocker settings (Note: if Pop-up Blocker settings is grayed out and not available you will need to click on Turn on Pop-up Blocker for this option to become available).
New popup 1


New popup 2


3. Once Pop-up Blocker settings are open, under Address of website to allow, type in *.trident.edu and click on Add. Then click on Close. (Note: Suggested Blocking Level should be set to Medium)

New popup 3


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Firefox Firefox

1. Click on Tools

2. Click on Options

New popup 4


3. Click on Content

4. Click on Exceptions

5. Enter in *.trident.edu

6. Click on Allow

7. Click on Close

8. Click on OK


New popup 5


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Chrome Chrome

1. Click the Chrome menu New popup 6
2. Select Settings.

New popup 7


3. Click Show advanced settings.

New popup 8


4. Scroll down to the “Privacy” section area, click on the Content settings button.

New popup 9


5. In the “Pop-ups” section, click Manage exceptions.

New popup 10


6. Enter in *.trident.edu into the Hostname pattern field

7. Click on Done

New popup 11


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Safari Safari

1. Click on the Safari settings/gear icon New popup 16menu

2. Select Block Pop-Up Windows.

New popup 12


To add Trident as a safe site:

1. Click on Bookmarks

2. Click on Add Bookmarks…

New popup 13


3. Under “Add this page to:” click the arrow for the drop-down menu.

4. Select Top Sites.

New popup 14


5. Click the Add button.

New popup 15


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Edge / Windows 10 :IE Edge Browser

What is a popup blocker and how does it affect my computer?

Pop-ups are windows that appear automatically and without your permission. They often display advertising that can interfere with your ability to see the content on the page you are trying to read.
A pop-up blocker works with your browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari) to prevent pop-up windows from automatically opening when you visit a website.

Blocking all pop-ups may prevent important features from working.

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