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Proxy Settings for SECURED/WORK LOGINS

Accessing the Online Library through MyTLC Portal from a work /secured location; may require changes to your firewall settings. 

Following these steps will allow you to access the libraries from a secure location.

Work with your IT Admin to add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site both to your browser and to your firewall settings.
Your IT Admin will need to add port number ‘2048’ as well for outbound/inbound so Online Library can be accessed. Please note: we do not have a Fixed IP Address for the Online Library.

  • Add port number 2048’ for outbound/inbound
  • Add the domain name to firewall: ezproxy.trident.edu:2048
  • Or add the fully qualified domain name: http://trident.summon.serialssolutions.com.ezproxy.trident.edu:2048/
  • Proxy Settings only apply to library access for work/secured locations. You should enable proxy settings only when using a proxy is required for SECURED/WORK LOGINS.
  • If you enable proxy settings and a proxy is not required, you won’t be able to use the related connection to access the Internet or resources on your network.

For additional Information: to configure your proxy settings by browser.  Conduct an internet search for proxy settings & include the name of your browser in the search.

How to Configure Proxy Settings in Windows 7

TIPS: For Understanding:
A proxy is a server that sits between you and the Internet. It receives all requests to the Internet, fulfills the request itself, and then sends the information back. When creating network connections, you may need to configure a proxy in order to gain access to the Internet or other external servers (a centralized resource or service).