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Computer Settings – Java for PC Windows

Instructions below guide you to resolve access issues. Information and/or screen shots in this guide may vary depending on the browser(s) you are using. If the below links are no longer valid, please do an internet search for more updated information at Java.com.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language that to be installed on your computer to access the Online Library and Online Rooms.

I.   How do I download, install or uninstall Java on my computer?

1. Go to: java.com/verify to verify Java version and then update if needed by clicking on Agree and Continue.

Java PC 1


2. If you see the following screenshot, wait for about 60 seconds for page to refresh.

If it does not refresh then click on Download.

Java PC 2


3. Click on Install.

Java PC 3


4. Be sure to uncheck both Set and keep Ask.com as my default search provider and Set and keep Ask.com as my browser home page and new tabs page then click Next.

Java PC 4


5. The Java installation status

Java PC 5


6. This message appears when you need to uninstall an older Java version first before installing new version of Java.

Click on the Uninstall button to proceed.

Java PC 6


7. You will see the following view while uninstalling an older Java version.

Java PC 7


8. Once the uninstallation has completed, click on Next.

Java PC 8


9. You have successfully installed Java and removed the older version!

Please click Close.

Java PC 9

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II.   Once you have updated Java, Update the Java Console Settings, when needed to Join a session within an Online Rooms (i.e., econference or Colloborate):

1. Once you have updated Java, go to your Java Control Panel.
2. To get to your Java Control Panel :

Go to the Start Menu > click on Control Panel > click on Java

Java PC 10


3. Select Security tab. Make sure that Enable Java Content is checked Java PC 11 - Checkmark Enable Java content in the browser
4.  Click on “Edit Site List” > click on Add

Java PC 12


    • Troubleshooting Tips: If you do not see Edit Site List in your Java control panel and you know Java is installed, you will need to remove the older version of Java.
Java PC 13
    • Go to java.com/verify and select REMOVE OLDER VERSIONS and follow the prompts:
Java PC 14
  • NOTE: You will need to restart (close and re-open) your browser to enable the Java installation in your browser

5. Type in sas.elluminate.com
6. Click on Add > click on OK

Java PC 15


7.  After logging into the Online Room, if you still have a problem then go back to the Java Control Panel to Adjust your Security Settings.

Java Control Panel > click on Security Tab and set your Security level to High by clicking on the circle next to it.

Click on Apply > click on OK

Java PC 16

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III. What is a Java applet?

An applet is a small Internet-based program written in Java, which can be downloaded by any computer.

  1. Click on Tools Click on Internet Options.
  2. Click on Security tab.
  3. Select Internet zone.
  4. Click on Custom level button.
  5. Find Scripting of Java Applets and select Enable.
  6. Under Reset to: Make sure Medium-high (default) is selected.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Apply.


Java PC 17


Java PC 18



Java PC 19

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V.   Troubleshooting tips for Java

      1. I get a Java connection error. What steps can I take to clear my Java Cache? 

          If you receive an error ‘unable to connect, Java connection timed out’, please follow the below instructions on clearing your Java Cache:

  1. Go to Control Panel, Open JAVA.
  2. Under GENERAL tab, click on SETTINGS button.
  3. In popup window: Temporary Files Settings, click on DELETE FILES button.
  4. In popup window: Delete Files and Applications, check Trace and Log Files check Cached Applications and Applets. DO NOT check Installed Applications and Applets or it will remove Java.
  5. Click OK

      2. I am unable to install Java due to firewall. How do I disable my Internet Firewall?

It is recommended; before you proceed with online installation you may want to disable your Internet firewall. In some cases the default firewall settings are set to reject all automatic or online installations such as the Java online installation. If the firewall is not configured appropriately it may stall the download/install operation of Java under certain conditions. Refer to your specific Internet firewall manual for instructions on how to disable your Internet Firewall.

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