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A firewall is blocking my access. How do I adjust my firewall settings?

Please be aware that computers can have a strict firewall or other high security settings that may affect your access. In order to ensure access, you may need to adjust your firewall and security settings to access. These settings can be on your computer as well as wireless router.

Home Computer

  • You will need to reference your virus or malware protection software to add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site.
  • Wireless routers: If you are using a wireless router, sometimes these will have their own firewall.  If you router is managed by your internet provider, please contact them and ask them to add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site. If you manage your own router, then please add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site.

Work or secured login

  • If you are logging in from a work /secured location, and you are not able to access this may be due to a firewall. You will need to ask your IT Administrator to add https://*.trident.edu as a safe site if their security protocols will allow it.