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Dropbox Assignment file formats accepted.
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Uploading your assignment?

How long can my File Name be when uploading assignments and files to the Dropbox?
The maximum filename length the Dropbox accepts is 26 characters.

What is the acceptable limit for file size when uploading files?

Maximum file size for our Trident TLC Dropbox is 1 Gigabyte (GB).

How do I determine file sizes? (MB=megabytes or gigabytes)?

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To determine what your file size is, right click on your file and select “Properties.” If you have a large file, the system gives a time limit to upload files as part of our security. A timeout issue would be due to slow Internet connection and/or your file is too large. If your file does not upload within maximum time allowed, you will receive a timeout error.

What is the maximum time allowed to complete a file upload?

Your Internet connection must allow you to upload the file within a 30 minute time period or the upload/connection will time out.

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Why is my professor unable to open files I submitted?

 File is larger than 1 GB.
 File name is more than 26 characters.
 File name contains one or more special characters: \ / : * ? ” < > | –
 File name does not have an extension in the file name.
 File did not upload within 30 minutes due to Internet connection speed or timeout.
 File is corrupt.

Troubleshooting Tips

 File names cannot end with a ‘.’ character, and cannot contain other special characters.
 Rename the file and remove any/all special characters in the title (such as \ / : * ? ” < > | – ).
 Ensure you have a file extension (.docx or .doc) as part of the file name (Ex: Module01_Case.pptx or Mod01.docx)
 Switch to a different browser (ex: Firefox) to upload the file. Each browsers has different security settings ; affecting how certain functions work.
 Save Microsoft files as 97-2003 instead of 2010 or 2013, then upload the file to the Dropbox.
 Upload the file at a later time.
 Depending on your Internet connection & type of connection or logging in at a different time may give you a faster Internet connection.
 Try a different location (ex: a library with free Wi-Fi) to upload the assignment file, if you are unable to connect at home / office.
 To reduce file sizes, split your file into parts with half the content in one file and the other half in a second file. Upload Part 1, 2, etc.
 Trident recommends clearly naming each file and add a note to your professor indicating your assignment files are split into parts.

Add Audio in PowerPoint

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 Background information and Troubleshooting.
 Add an audio clip
 How to increase or decrease the size of the embedded sound.
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