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Email Contacts

How to I create a New Contact or Add a person to my list?

Go to the top left corner of your page and select My Apps Icon Email_student_Apps Icon_01_25X25   and then select ‘People’



Contacts or People are in your personal e-mail address book. Use ‘People’ to store the e-mail address, street address, phone numbers, and any other information about your contact. This can include Web pages, fax numbers, or cell phone numbers.

How to I add, update or access my Contacts?

  1. You can create a new contact by clicking the Plus New icon Email_student_365 Plus NEW Sign_01_25X.
Email_student_People- create NEW Contact_01


  1. Select ‘Create contact’, ‘Create Contact List’ or ‘Create group’
Email_student_People- create Contacts OPTIONS_01


  1. Put in the information you want for your contact and then select ‘SAVE’
Email_student_People- create Contact_01


  1. If you need to edit your contact, select the name of the contact and then select ‘Edit’ make changes and then ‘Save
Email Student_People Contacts EDIT


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