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Email Password Reset

How do I change my password for my email?

1. When you are logged into your University web-mail: Go to Settings icon Email_student_Settings Email, select ‘Options’, select ‘General‘, select ‘My Account’ then select ‘Change your Password‘,  When finished select ‘Save

2. Call SOS: (800)579-3197 Mon-Fri 7am-5:30pm PDT or

3. Create Student E-Ticket: https://cnsss.trident.edu/public/it_support_eform.php

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How am I able to customize my University email?

You can customize your University email by going to Settings icon Email_student_Settings Email_01_25X25 and selecting the  ‘Options’ Button.
The following page will be displayed:
You will find shortcut links to the following things:
– See email from all your accounts in one place
– Setup automated replies
– Connect to your e-mail on your mobile phone
– Connect Outlook to this account
– Forward your e-mail
– Change your password
– Import your contacts from an existing e-mail account
You also have the option to the following:
Organize E-Mail – this is where you will set-up rules on how mail will be handled
Groups – this is where you can create groups
Settings – Apply various settings to your University email account and create an e-mail signature
Phone – Display mobile phones associated with your account
Block or Allow – Establish junk e-mail settings

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How do I sign out of my University Email?

Very Important – When you are finished using your University email, be sure to click Sign Out in the upper right corner of the screen and then close all browser windows.  Signing-out helps prevent others from accessing your mailbox.

Email_student_Sign Out

How to I bookmark my University Email?

Bookmark the following URL to your favorites for easy use: https://www.outlook.com/my.trident.edu
The process to set your bookmark will vary depending on the browser you are using.  Most browsers have a start icon Email_student_Star Icon for Favorites_01 somewhere on the top area of the webpage you are on. You can click on to add the page or bookmark the page you are on.

How do I edit my University Bookmark?

Bookmark your page.

Right click on the bookmark and depending on the browser you will select ‘Properties’, ‘Edit’ or “Edit Address’.
In the URL or Location field type in: https://www.outlook.com/my.trident.edu
Now select ‘SAVE’ or ‘Apply’

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Email_student_Safari Bookmark EDIT


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