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Where do I find my Calendar?

Email Student 365 Calendar


How do I set an appointment on my calendar?

You can use the calendar to set appointments that will generate reminders.

View the image below for the Calendar toolbar options.


To go to your calendar, select apps    Email_student_Apps Icon_01_25X25 in the top left corner and then select Calendar

  1. Create a new event by clicking the+ New Email_student_365 Plus NEW Sign_01_25X    An event can be an appointment, a meeting, or an all-day event. This can be setup to send reminders, show your status (i.e. busy, free, tentative or away), and to repeat the event in intervals including daily, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.
  2. Select the Calendar view you want. You can select views such as daily, weekly, monthly, or work week (Monday – Friday).
  3. You can choose to share or print your calendar at your convenience.
Email Student 365 Calendar


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