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Accessing Student Email

How do I access my University Email?

The following are a list of ways for you to access your University email:

1.    Access email from TLC Portal page: https://mytlc.trident.edu  by clicking on ‘Student Email’
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2.    Log into TLC Portal https://mytlc.trident.edu and click on ‘University Email’ icon under ‘Tools and Links’

3.    You can directly access University Email by typing in the following address into your browser address bar:  https://www.outlook.com/my.trident.edu  to log in your University Email.
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How do I forward or remove forwarding of my University Email to my personal email?

Log into the TLC portal: https://mytlc.trident.edu, go to bottom left corner under Tools & Links and select ‘Email Forwarding’

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Select the personal email that you want your University Email forwarded to and then click on ‘SAVE’
You can also update your personal email on this page

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