MyTLC Courses & Trident University Orientation

How do I login to my courses via MyTLC Portal?

Please do the following:

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  • Click on MyTLC Courses
student orientation 3


  • Click on Trident University Orientation.
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  • Click on Doctoral Student Orientation.
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    • Under the Content Browser section, please review the information in each Module to get hands on practice in becoming familiar with the tools you will be using in your course(s).
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Help for Students Links > My TLC Courses Homepage >

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Other helpful information

Click on the following link for additional Writing Tips

The official source for all Trident University policies is the University Catalog. It is available to you 24/7. When you click on that link, you will see a list of links to university catalogs and brochures. The university catalog is updated regularly. Students have the right to select the version of the University Catalog that applies to them; they may choose either the current catalog or the one that was in effect when they first joined Trident University. Within the catalog, please pay particular attention to the following policies:

  • Grading and Academic Performance
  • Academic Probation
  • Extensions/Grade of Incomplete
  • Leave of Absence
  • Grade Challenges and Grade Petitions
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